Monday, April 11, 2011

Google and Other Search-Related Things

First of all, I would like to say that I love Google. BUT. I have found a flaw with it. Back in January, when I was first looking to buy my textbooks, I was thrilled when Google told me that I could buy them for much less money as Google Books. I was thrilled that I would no longer have to carry heavy books with me to class and the library and no longer have to keep track of where I stored these books, because they would be accessible to me anywhere I had Internet and my Google Account. I was thrilled that these would work on an e-Reader, like a Nook, should I ever decide to get one. But when I did get one, a Nook specifically, for my birthday, I was NOT thrilled to discover how difficult it is to get one's Google Books, EPUB or PDF, onto one's Nook. Come on, Google. It should. not. be. this. difficult!!!!

If you have come across this blog searching for things like, "How do I get my frigging Nook to work?" or "'User not activated' Nook error message," here is what I can tell you. Don't do anything out of sequence. Don't register your Nook with a Barnes and Noble account that does not have a credit card and mailing address hooked up to it yet. If you have (like I did), you have to un-register and re-register your Nook. Also, if you open Adobe Digital Editions and it recognizes your Nook without first asking you to confirm or register or something, authorize it, blah blah blah...well, then you will be able to convert your protected EPUB and PDF files and load them onto your Nook as though ALL IS WELL except that when you go to read them, your Nook will give you the cryptic error message, "User not activated." You will say, "What!? I already registered my Nook!" No, you have to re-set it up with Adobe Digital Editions. You have to open your Nook like a flash drive, and what worked for me was to just delete the whole Digital Editions folder, and then re-open Adobe Digital Editions and then it will recognize the Nook and ask you, "Do you want to activate/authorize/whatever this device?" and you say Yes and then you re-transfer your books and it should be fine! FINE!

And if you have Linux, like I do, it all works in Wine, which I don't know why it took me so long to download. (Wine, for non-dorks who read this, is a doohickey that lets you use programs written for Windows on a Linux machine.) Ok, that's the end of the nerdy part of this blog post.

Now, speaking of search results, I pay attention to the Stats that Blogger tracks for me, especially the part that tells me how many people came here from which search results. After several weeks of people just finding this blog by searching for, "Botanylicious," this morning's was much more interesting. To those of you who searched for "analyzad girls" and "jersey girls part 5" and "house warming cake recipes," I'm sorry that you probably didn't find what you were looking for. My housewarming cake was a lemon cake, not a thing made out of towels. I have no idea what "analyzad girls" means.

To those of you who keep coming here after searching for "yanni violinist" or "girl who plays violin with yanni," I apologize; you probably did not want to read about a guy who looks like Yanni who plays violin at public places in Portland. To the three of you searching for, "highest point in Wisconsin," I'm really sorry. I don't know why you were directed here! To those of you searching for "big hair" and the like, you've come to the right place! And to the one person who searched for "'lone pine' camp 'john day'," and another single individual who searched for "calypso bulbosa mt pisgah," you're in luck! These super-specific things are what I've just been writing about. In fact, I'm in the middle of drafting a lengthy, illustrated post about camping at Big Bend, the campsite right next to Lone Pine on the John Day River.

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