Thursday, April 14, 2011

Addendum to Spring Green

Recently, I wrote about my lack of excitement for spring produce, compared not only with the summer abundance it precedes but also the unsung (or lesser-sung-of) winter wonders it leaves behind. The few exceptions are so fleeting that they are, to me, exciting enough to balance out my boredom (and frankly, exasperation) with the rest of the spring farmer's market.

Green garlic is finally in season. I was able to get two bunches at the farmer's market yesterday. Only one stand had them. I may go back next week, slightly out of my way, to that same market just to get more green garlic. Spring's best produce seems to only be available at farmers' markets, rarely in even the hippie grocery stores. After spying the green garlic (of which I had to talk myself down from buying ten bunches) I walked around the rest of the market to see what was there. Surprise, surprise. Nothing but leaves. Kale, chard, spinach, nettles, chickweed, mesclun mix, a.k.a leaves!

Still, for breakfast I made the first coddled eggs I've made since last spring, with green garlic and fresh herbs (not from my windowbox, but those days are coming soon.) This makes the months ahead of continued rain, no tomatoes, and more leaves, worth it. So I think I'll stop complaining.

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