Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's happening!

It is finals week.

It was a peaceful morning, the kind that has me taking pictures of moss on the sidewalk on my walk.

Shortly after I got home, however, I heard bagpipes.

From March 2011

I left the album link, this time, if you care to see all of the parade pictures I took (from the safety of my apartment) and other pictures from my walks.

Apparently, I live on a parade route! This parade involved bagpipes and a small marching band, but there was also an awful lot of people walking dogs, only two of which were Irish wolfhounds (and no Irish setters, as far as I could tell), wearing dog sweaters and dog raincoats, only a few of which were green. So the parade was mostly people in the neighborhood walking their dogs en masse.

I think those people on the sidewalk just went to get a coffee and found themselves in the parade.

Toward the end of the parade, this happened.

More parade followed, so I am still not sure if that was part of the parade or if a Pepsi Max delivery truck accidentally found itself in the parade.

Twenty minutes later, all was back to normal. Calm was restored to my morning.

Like moss on a sidewalk. (I liked the way the red leaves looked on the green moss in the rain.)

And finally, in case you didn't see my last post,

It's spring!!!!

(Oh, before I end, we're not going to Wallowa Lake/Hells Canyon anymore, not until summer or sometime when the roads are all open. We are going to the desert closer to Portland, like Bend and the Painted Hills and whatever else is within driving distance. Any suggestions, such as what to see or what roads to take or where to eat, etc, are welcome!)


kalin said...

If you want to go to bend and mostly just drink in bend I'm full of good ideas.

Going there down through Salem and then over (whatever that is) is pretty. And then you can go to Sisters which is awesomely touristy.

Sarah said...

Yes, I would love to know where all the good drinking is in Bend! It would be fun to go to Sisters, too. I am thinking we might take I-5 either there or back, but take a different way the other direction, making a circle. Like taking 84 and then one of the roads east of the Cascades that runs north-south. We might not necessarily stay in Bend all three days but just kind of...explore. I think we might play it by ear.