Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week in pictures (Stories coming later)

This past week and this coming week are the weeks when papers are due, so I haven't had time to give you my usual volume of stories. I predict next week may be similar. In the meantime, here are some lovely pictures as a preview of what I will tell you about when I finally have free time.

Oh, this is especially for West Coast readers-if you have any local road trip tips, feel free to pass them on for me. My boyfriend and I are taking a few days during spring break (we only have a FEW days) to drive somewhere, to explore, preferably something that is too far to do in a day/overnight trip. (So that rules out Cannon Beach.) We could go to British Columbia (Victoria or Vancouver) or Seattle or somewhere else on the coast, but I think we want to get out of the sopping wet space between the Cascades and the Pacific. So we're planning to head East. One idea we had was Joseph/Wallowa Lake/Hells Canyon, but I'm having trouble finding information about exactly how much of that area is accessible in March. Because of snow. I tried to Google "Eastern Oregon Road Trips" and found one the blog of someone who definitely one of those people for whom simply roads is a hobby. I did not know such a thing existed until last year when I found Alps' Roads. This is one of those things that seems very strange, in a completely harmless way, and is at the same time totally fascinating. At least to me. Having roads as a hobby isn't too far from my interests anyway, and it appeals to both my love of things that are systematic and my love of exploring. However, I would take pictures of things I see and not just the roads themselves, and the blog I found showed me not what my boyfriend and I could see in Eastern Oregon but what the roads out there look like, turn by turn.

This got sidetracked.

New knives at work. Sunday.

Remind me to tell you about my latest salt disaster. Sunday.

Spring! Monday.

Juniper-Themed Dinner Leftovers. Monday.

Hellebores on Tuesday.

Speaking of Spring! Tuesday.

Bacon Avocado. Wednesday.

One of my branches bloomed! From a friend's cherry tree. Thursday.

Monkey Puzzle Cone. Friday.

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Muriel said...

AAA may know about road conditions in that area of interest.