Saturday, March 05, 2011

Spring is coming!

The birds know it! I see them bouncing around the tops of trees and shrubs by my window as I work at my desk. I hear their songs every morning when I wake up. (Below is a picture of a street garden that's always interested me, because I don't have any pictures of birds. Right now, the plants part of the garden is pretty dormant, but the garden art, with which I fell hopelessly in love last summer, is still present.)
The plants know it! From the branches I cut two weeks ago, in the hopes of forcing early budburst, come the promise of early cherry blossoms.
But Portlanders, it seems...
...haven't gotten the memo.
Above, my boyfriend poses with a Christmas tree we found on the sidewalk. At least they got rid of it, although March 2nd seems a bit late, don't you think? I added this description because I recognize that you may have no idea what that is a picture of, seeing as I took it with a cell phone in the dark.
In the car from my house to his, I was the passenger on a road I normally drive on or ignore after dark. So, I was at liberty to look not at the road but at the houses lining it and observed an alarming number of houses decked out for Christmas. I saw a house lit up in white and green and said, "Maybe it's for St. Patrick's Day--AAHHH!" as I noticed not just one, but a family of inflatable snowmen on the roof. Then I saw more Christmas lights, more and more, and finally, a Christmas wreath.
Later that night, walking to meet a friend, we saw the sights in the above photographs. The house, which at least is lit up in springtime colors, was so decked out that, in my eyes, it surpassed "tacky" and moved into the realm of beauty. I declared myself glad that such houses decorated in such a way existed.
Behold the house, in all its splendor.

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