Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

I've drafted several posts this weekend, and I think I'm just going to revive some things from my Drafts folder instead. I've tried writing about my current hair-related woes, why I'm not writing more on Japan and other current events, and how much I'm enjoying my first two homework-free days of Spring Break by cleaning my apartment, beginning new projects that mess up my apartment, and re-cleaning my apartment, with a constant soundtrack of NPR news and podcasts of shows I missed during the week (which I put on when the live stream switches to "Car Talk" or "Think Out Loud." For those of you not in the Portland area, I'll have to explain "Think Out Loud" to you someday, and why I do not like it.

Rather than default to my old standby, pictures of food or other things on my kitchen table, I'll finish up some old stories.

I just can't help myself -- a picture of beets

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