Monday, March 28, 2011

Back from Bend

Although we spent more time in deserted desert towns than in Bend itself.

Stories will come soon, and pictures. I tried my film camera again, so I hope you don't mind illustrations while I wait for the film to get developed. We saw all three of the John Day Fossil Beds (Painted Hills, Sheep Rock, and Clarno), we camped at a remote spot on the John Day River (I didn't know about BLM campsites before - they are no-frills, but really nice and super cheap), we stayed at a Days Inn in Bend adding a further chapter to my travel book Days Inns Of America, we drank Lone Pine coffee, we went to Jack in the Box, we hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls (which is certainly not in the desert, but it was on our way home), we almost ran out of water in the desert (luckily you're never that far from a Safeway), we got rained on, we got snowed on, and we even got some sun.

We didn't even cross the Willamette. We ended up taking an eastern-north-south route both ways because of snowstorms in the Cascades. It's still kind of a novelty to me that we have to plan around that; that where you can travel with no trouble in the summer, you might run into closed roads and crazy weather in the winter, and also in some places, "summer" just means "July" and winter begins in August.

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