Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

I have many unfinished posts, some of which exist in draft and some of which are only an item on a list, that contain thoughts I'd like to share with my readers, not just to proclaim my views on the subject but to hear some other thoughts and opinions and maybe have some interesting dialogue. These posts, on real topics as opposed to My Trip to Cannon Beach, are would-be essays which I feel, for some reason, have to be fully formed, fleshed out, with evidence (quotes and footnotes even!) and analysis, so that the opinion I state seems like a considered, reasonable conclusion. It's not disagreement that I fear - oh no! - it's instead accusations that I haven't considered or bothered to research all of the facts.

For example, I haven't commented on Egypt at all, even though I have been listening to the news on the radio (thanks to the theft of my iPod!). Sometimes I have New York Times articles from years ago that I want to write about. Sometimes it's books I've read, but I move too quickly to a new book that occupies my mind. For example, for about a month (when my iPod was stolen and I started listening to NPR, and heard some debate on the subject) I've wanted to write about the new, censored but less ban-able version of Huck Finn. I've taken pictures of things to write about. I've wanted to write about new recipes I've tried, some creative projects, and even the little things that might stand out in an ordinary day (such as camellias beginning to bloom outside my window.) I've wanted to write about school.

So I resolved to just write a few thoughts, limiting myself to three sentences or less, so that I wouldn't feel the need to go out, do some research to feel justified publicly stating my opinion on a topic and then, through my research, allowing a new topic to distract me...

I think a lot about school and what I am doing in the program. This is normal; I have always done this when I've embarked on a new course of study. Since I've just used up two of my sentences, I will conclude by saying that what I keep returning to is that, the more classes in "public administration" I take, the more I will feel permitted to publicly voice my opinion on current events and issues, which are really things that every individual, since we are all effected by them, should feel permitted to have an opinion on.

Last night I finally watched The Namesake, which I even wanted to see in theaters. I read the book in college because Jhumpa Lahiri (the author) was coming to speak to my class. Mira Nair is also one of my favorite directors; I don't watch many movies or know too many directors, but I know Mira Nair is great!

(Using a semicolon makes it one sentence!)

Speaking of grammar and grammarians, I've just started reading Mennonite in a Little Black Dress and I see myself plowing through it in a day or so. I find books like this relaxing, especially when things in my life are concerning me. It makes me want to revisit More with Less, a Mennonite cookbook that I've owned for years, but until last week was sitting in a box in New Jersey, always too heavy for me to pack in a suitcase.

Back to the school topic: Why not science? The truth is that I see myself, at some time in my future, returning to school for another academic degree and it would probably be in science rather than English literature or something like that. I've chosen nonprofit management because I think that, without some of the restrictions of the public sector, the nonprofit sector is a place for action not just for the environment/science, but other issues that are important to me. As gender inequality (and other forms of inequality, but I selfishly focus on gender inequality because I am a lady) keeps popping up in my experiences, in conversations, and in things that I read (well, I do subscribe to BUST), I want to be able to work productively (not just as someone who wears awareness T-shirts and makes people sign petitions) for a lot of things I feel are important. Well, that third sentence was long. I got distracted writing an e-mail.

This is as good a place as any to end, especially since I keep getting distracted!

Looking to the future (before I end), I think I want to go to Eugene next weekend for this big hellebore event. A nursery that specializes in hellebores (in fact, I think they are one of the world's top hellebore breeders) is having an open house, and unless you can put hellebores in a window box I have no reason to buy many hellebores, but I just want to see them. And get out of town. I also want to go to the Hillsdale Farmers Market, so we'll see. I also want to go back to Cannon Beach, and to Canada (but this time, British Columbia - Quebec is a little far!)

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kalin said...

Go to British Columbia-it's fantastic!
(I may be biased as my mum is Canadian... But it really is a fantastic place)