Monday, February 28, 2011

Something pretty to break up the "hate"

So that I don't just write three posts three days in a row with "hate" in the title, I'm posting a little happy thing in between each post so that you know that I am still in the "half full" state and not looking for things to be angry about.

That is a quiche I made last week with frozen Safeway broccoli and miscellaneous cheese I have accumulated and smashed garlic cloves and miscellanous dried chili peppers I have accumulated when traveling, soaked overnight and chopped. The previous weekend, I'd tried to make tortillas using a friend's recipe, but I got confused and thought I could use flour or cornmeal or half and half and instead of fluffy flour tortillas, I made a crumbly half-flour-half-cornmeal dough. There was enough to make some thick tortilla chips/crackers and two cornmeal quiche crusts. I made the second today but I haven't taken its picture yet. So, the broccoli quiche was the result of a fortunate failure, a mistake turned into something good.


LS said...

So - this looks delicious, but you didn't tell us, was it as tasty as it looks?

Sarah said...

It was delicious; I talked about it for days.