Thursday, February 17, 2011


I quit my job.

I won't be going into details on this blog as to why I am changing jobs or what my new job is or any of that. That's just not what this blog is about, and it's one of the areas of my life I don't feel comfortable putting out on the Internet.

Perhaps some readers picked up on something in my recent posts - posts about quitting a different job, posts about traveling and escaping, posts about all kinds of tension, such as comparing kitchen catastrophes to my life.

When I decided to leave, to look for a better job or, if that didn't come up, go to school full time and focus on finishing the program more quickly, the tension did impact other areas of my life and it probably was evident in my writing. I tend toward the type of person who defines herself by her work, so it was upsetting me more than it really should have. Not until Tuesday was I certain about the new job, and once that was secure, I was ready to resign. So in about two weeks, I'll start at a new job, one I probably won't blog about very much, just as I rarely, if ever, blogged about this last one (although I can think of two stories now I can share with you, and I am very excited about it!).

Anyway, I have been getting migraines and upset stomachs, and I'm hoping that they will go away now. They could have been related to the Medical Stuff of Summer 2010 (which I also have not written about, so only some of my readers know about that) or they could have been stress related. Also, when I put on my Interview Clothes on Tuesday, they did not fit like they did during the job search of 2010. That could be related to the Summer of Medical Stuff or that could be stress or that could be too many Weekend Skillet Potatoes.

Not much else to say. Still thinking about Tuesday's re-resolution to Stop Trying to be Perfect. But I'm still making that price comparison spreadsheet. In fact, this coming week I will be writing a sponsored blog post about how I manage my finances - aren't you excited!? The spreadsheet will get ample coverage.

Updated: I forgot to add that the new job is paying me more. That is GOOD NEWS!

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