Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cannon Beach Adventure: Prologue

It would not be accurate to call this a weekend trip. My boyfriend and I spent less than twenty-four hours in Cannon Beach this weekend. With our school and work schedules, we are lucky to share twelve hours of our time off, with less than eight of those hours being reserved for sleeping. (This is as far as I'll go on that topic so that this doesn't turn into whining.

Our reasons to go to a rainy, damp place at the height of Oregon's rainy, damp seasons were similar to mine the last time I went to Cannon Beach in the rain. A lengthier post with more pictures and more stories will come later; I have work to do today. But I just kept thinking about the coast and my pictures and how much I wanted to share the memories with you, my readers. I couldn't wait.

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