Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cannon Beach Adventure Part 2: The Beach in the Fog

When we arrived at our hotel at about 12:30, the office was closed. A "Will Return" sign announced that someone would re-open the office at 1:15. We drove into the town to look for lunch. First, we stopped in the town's visitors' center and picked up some pamphlets. Then, we crossed the street into the cutesy downtown area, past Jupiter's Rare and Used Books and Coastal Yarns, both of which I stared at longingly. We ate lunch in the first open restaurant we came across, and it turned out not to be a mistake. It was something Fireside, and there was indeed a huge fireplace in the center of the dining room. The nice thing about it is that the fireplace didn't have a back wall; what I mean is, you could sit on either side of the fireplace and still be right by the fire, and that was nice. It was a perfect fireplace day, raining, foggy, and cold. We were the first couple seated by the fireplace, but before we had finished eating, the fireside seating became crowded with more couples. The food was good, too.

We went back to our hotel to check in and relax, and then, when we realized we were running out of the daylight with which Oregon winters are so stingy, we walked back into town and onto the beach. We ended up walking all the way to Haystack Rock, about a mile and a half. From there, we left the beach and got back on the main street. We looked at some shops and got dinner recommendations from storekeepers. Since we were really cold and wet now, from walking in the rain and fog along the ocean, we decided to go back to the hotel to shower and change before getting dinner. Also, we wanted to drive to dinner so that we wouldn't have to walk three more miles in the rain.

We had dinner at The Warren House Pub, which has mixed reviews online, but our experience was very nice. The beer was great and I really liked my food! We got to sit by a fireplace again and the service was nice. The lettering on the sign reminded me of McMenamin's (but the beer was better); the inside reminded me of some restaurant in Montville, NJ, that I went to with a friend when I was visiting from Oregon. It was dark with glowing lights from the fireplace and candles. Very cozy.

The next morning, we walked back to the beach and had breakfast at the Cannon Beach Bakery before driving back to Portland so that we could both go to work.

Not much of a story here! But we got some nice pictures. These were all taken with my phone. As much as my new phone drives me nuts with its propensity to call people from my purse, it does take nice pictures, and I appreciate that.

The artist at work.

Haystack Rock through the mist. We were not that far away. This is just to show you how frigging foggy and damp it was. It was like walking through rain clouds.

Well, that's better!

There might be more pictures coming, if I find them on my phone. The rest of what is currently off of my phone is at my Picasa album right here.

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