Monday, January 03, 2011

Ten Things for Monday

[This is backdated because the Internet was down last night. By "down" I mean my across-the-hall neighbor put a password on the router and I hadn't paid him my share of the Comcast bill yet.]

Thanks everyone who has written to me since I posted about Nicole. Some of you picked up what I didn't write about in detail, that on top of being sad I also felt guilty for the eight years Nicole and I hadn't talked. I am going about my normal life but I keep thinking about her. I keep remembering what a good friend she was and how much fun we had. It's like my sixteen-year-old self suddenly realized what happened and is going through the same feelings my twenty-six-year-old self did on Friday night. My sixteen-year-old self can't believe that the friend who always went with me to punk shows (and always drove before I got my license - that girl would drive all over the state, to places other people were afraid to drive) and thrift stores, the friend who got me the nicest birthday presents, the friend who was always ready to do something fun even if it was a school night....I can't believe she's gone.

I was going to write more, but I'll save it for tomorrow. It doesn't feel write to blab about my new table and kitchen light after that first paragraph.

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