Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Springtime Before the Snowstorm

From Drop Box

I couldn't resist these when I went to Fred Meyer last week. I hope to have inexpensive plants and flowers in my apartment at all times. It really brightens things up!

We are supposed to have snow and/or freezing rain tonight in Portland. I hope I don't get stuck on campus, or that the children's class I am teaching tomorrow doesn't need to be canceled. Otherwise, I'm okay with snow!


Anonymous said...

The framing of your photo is so magnificent. The title made me smile as we are expecting snow, lots of it. Springtime flowers bring hope and lite in a gloomy forecast. Thank you for posting.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I am especially flattered because I took that picture with a phone and not a good camera. Good luck with your snowstorm! I hope it brings some nice quiet time indoors and not too much frustration (like having to drive in snow.)