Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sad news

I can't remember exactly when I had a falling out with one of my close friends in high school, but our friendship never recovered. We eventually became friendly acquaintances, and I think the last time I spoke to her was on New Year's Day in 2003. When I found out last night that she was gone, I felt sad, but like I didn't have a right to claim this tragedy, to write about it or talk about her as my friend. I wasn't a friend to her, not for a long time. I would offer sympathy to those that were close to her but not claim myself as someone who wanted that sympathy.

But the more I learn, the sadder I get, and the more I want to talk about it. So much changed in the years we didn't talk. I feel mad and sad that I will never be able to speak to her again.

From this article and this one, I am learning more, and what stands out to me are all of the things being written about her life, not her death. That she became a talented attorney, dedicated to helping people, to making the world a better place. This is why I am writing here. I want to highlight this part of the story, the good person she was. So here's a story about one of her successes as a law student: Family Law Clinic represents one couple, eight adoptions. This line in particular stood out to me: "Mercedes [one of the eight children] also requested her middle name be changed to Nicole, which the judge granted."

I can't think of a nice, neat way to wrap up this post, so I'll just end here.

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Deb said...

Sarah, at some point in your life she was your friend. It may have been years since you actually spoke but she was your friend. I'm sorry for your loss!