Saturday, January 01, 2011

Resolutions for 2011

Every year, I plan to make these. Part of me wants to revolt against the idea of New Year's Resolutions, but I love making to do lists. Also, since I'm moved into a new apartment and starting school in a few days, it feels like the beginning of something.

I might elaborate more on these later.

1. Be less petty and more forgiving (while somehow still not being taken advantage of.)
2. Stay organized and keep house clean. (This was my one fear about getting my own place - that keeping it clean and looking nice, since there's no place to hide my "junk", would become overwhelming.)
3. Manage time well with school and work.
4. Keep in touch with loved ones in and out of Portland.
5. Maintain a system to track spending and income, develop a personal budget, track prices and other information to enable myself to make wise financial/spending decisions.
6. Fix broken stuff (beloved dishes, teacups, clothes that need seams or buttons repaired.)
7. Go for walks (I am not setting a minimum, like days or distance, for sanity's sake.)
8. Make healthy food - emphasis on health more than eco-friendly or moral shopping. (This was inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl's recent posts on de-criminalizing food; whereas for some people, that's about diet, for me it was about environmental impact. It's important, but I need to opt out of letting it make me crazy, especially since I am not wealthy enough to buy organic, local, fair trade everything.)
9. Read books, or make time for fun, stress-relieving things like reading books, reading blogs, writing, and crafting.
10. Every year, I have some resolution about being more adventurous, going outside of my box, doing one thing every day that scares me, etc. But on this year's list, I wrote, "Do I need to be more adventurous?" I am a little tired of daring and adventure. I think a better resolution would be, "Don't be less adventurous in 2011 than in 2010."

I guess the theme of these resolutions are, "Stay sane! Act like a grown-up, succeed in school, but don't go nuts!"

The two posts about de-criminalizing food are here, after the beet and carrot salad recipe and here. They are really worth reading.

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