Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kitchen Kalamities

My kitchen kalamities from the past two nights are a good representation of my life right now. Things that should work keep falling victim to a slight mishap, like something falling off a shelf and knocking everything over in a chain reaction of breakage and mess and ruined meals. Nothing important gets damaged beyond repair, and at the end there's still something to eat for dinner and bring to work for lunch the next day. But it takes a lot of time, more time than I'd budgeted for. That is why you are not getting a full post today, unless I write when I'm taking breaks from my homework. My life is like my kitchen - functioning, but a little messy, working, but not the way I'd planned, messy in ways that don't matter and still cheerful.

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Ellen said...

one reason i like turkish coffee..and will be bringing it back to the states with me...is that it's so much less fuck-up-able than french press. so many mornings i would find myself standing over a shattered french press, sweep it up, reach into my cupboard for the other one or my moka. cannot even think about the other, larger kitchen kalamities than occur when i actually cook something. i hope that your kitchen/life recovers from such strings of disasters soon so that you can write a real post.