Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Giving in to Grumpy

Sometimes, it's okay to take a break from looking on the bright side to just admit things are crummy. Yesterday evening was crummy, and it's leaking into today. Today has plenty of time to recover and go well, it's just that the events of last night are impacting my morning. While I'm waiting for breakfast to heat up, this seems like a good time to write about it.

Well, first you heard from me posting pictures of flowers and responding to comments from a computer lab that is open to graduate students only (and faculty and staff, but still! a nice quiet computer lab!) Everything was fine! Then I went to class, and when I walked over to sit on the floor outside of the room, to wait for the previous class to leave, a kind classmate informed me that my pants were very nice, but the zipper in the back had split open.

That zipper has always been a problem. There's no hook and eye at the top to secure it and I don't even see why it's necessary when the pants have a front closure. I think I am going to fix those pants once and for all by removing the zipper and closing the seam.

Fortunately, we sit in chairs in class and few people had to learn what color my underwear was.

Then, the professor ended class ten minutes late. He ended class late last week, too. I like him, but I am not sure what I am going to do if this lateness turns out to be a habit. I don't want to miss any important announcements, but I don't want to walk home in the dark at 10:30pm anymore, either.

The bus is timed so that it leaves right after my class is supposed to end. Since we have gotten out late both weeks, we have gotten out in time to see the bus zoom past the stop (which is on the other side of the street) and this week it was just me, alone (my classmate must have brought her car) waiting half an hour for the next bus. By the time I got to my stop, it was an hour after class had gotten out. It was very cold. It was sleeting. The sidewalks were slippery. There was no one on the streets save me and a disheveled-looking man leading a bicycle heavily laden with stuffed, clinking garbage bags (I imagine that they were full of other people's recycling), occasionally shouting out, "It's icy! HEY! DO YOU HEAR ME! THE ROADS ARE ICY!" to no one in particular.

I really wanted to take a hot shower, but there's something wacky going on with my shower where it's running warm, but not hot. Sometimes it's just barely warm, just a step away from COLD. I am waiting to see if it rights itself or if there's a trick to getting it to work before I e-mail the landlord.

Anyway, this impacts today because I am tired and also I have that feeling of being behind. I meant to do a lot of things last night, had I gotten home at 9:45 or 10 like I planned, but instead I went to bed, had lots of bad dreams about being pursued or trapped, woke up tired, and took my barely warm shower. I have to teach a class for children today, so I wish I could be more alert.

My hope (and prediction) is that the class will be fun, it will energize me, and it will turn my day around.)

Well, now that that's out of my system, I'm going to hit the road, the road which rarely has traffic and never has traffic like in New Jersey, and plan for a good day!

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