Monday, January 10, 2011

The Bright Side

Throughout the weekend, I'd discover or remember some new thing that had been in my car and was no longer there and was therefore stolen. Also, with the onset of the week, the reality of how much time was going to be eaten up by some of these stolen items' absence and the time it would take to replace them set in. For example, I bought a printer to print the paper that's due for my class tomorrow and to print out a form to mail to the DMV to report my registration stolen. (I thought that would save more time than actually going to the DMV.) The printer is not working, and when I called HP, I was put on hold. I quickly hung up, remembering that I can't afford to sit on hold when my cell phone charger has been stolen.

I was pretty grouchy this morning.

I set a timer for fifteen minutes, and I resolved to focus my attention on nothing but washing dishes. When that was done, I set out some beans to soak; I don't know what I'm going to do with them exactly, but I plan to eat plenty of beans this week, the week that begins my new Plan of Moderation. (Beans are cheap; I have recently bought a lot of things for my apartment such as a table and a trash can. My jeans aren't fitting so well,and though I don't like to diet or criminalize food, but maybe hash browns for breakfast every day is a bit excessive. Beans, on the other hand, are not!) When I was done cleaning the kitchen, I abandoned the cobweb of cables of laptop chargers and printers for the living room, where I dumped my purse on the floor and put back in it only the items I needed for today. Then, I left for work, where I knew I could relax in some way, as I'd be able to focus only on the challenges and tasks of that one part of my life. I would procrastinate worrying.

When I got home, I finally made the wise decision to go for a long walk, even though the same excuses were there (I have homework, it's cold, it's windy, it gets dark so early. We are in a rare high pressure system, which means that it's not a typical rainy, 40-50 degree winter day. It's a winter day like I'm used to, sunny and dry and bitter cold. Days like this are a reminder that we are north of the 45th parallel).

This weekend, I felt a bit of relief at not having to account for my iPod both when leaving my home and when leaving my car. I'm not glad it's been stolen, but I wonder why I always felt the need to have it with me!

This weekend, NPR was always broadcasting something interesting during the times I was driving, such as a long segment on poor foods of the world that have now become delicacies. This morning, however, was repetitive nonstop coverage of the shooting in Tucson. It's news, but I only need to hear the details once to know what happened! This was occasionally punctuated by commentary on the Ducks game that would take place this evening. I missed my iPod. If I had it, I could have been listening to a recording of my next book club book.

But then, as sharp sunlight cut across the cloudless blue sky, as my car followed a curve on I-84 which brought Mount Hood into view, I smiled. Things could be much, much worse.

I could have had my iPod stolen during Pledge Week.

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Hippy Chick said...

Hi there! I found your blog on the Nablopomos blogroll and have really enjoyed reading your posts. I lived in Bayonne NJ for a couple years and I never forgot the big hair, fabulous.

I agree with your point about how we feel the need to have all this stuff with us all the time, but once it's gone, we wonder why it felt so necessary. Simplify, simplify. Of course, you had no choice. I hope you are able to replace your stolen items quickly and easily.

Great blog.