Saturday, January 15, 2011

Breakfast in a warmed house

The fading beauty of my Fred Meyer tulips. The irises from Trader Joe's haven't even begun to bloom. The teapot was my grandmother's; she collected them.

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Breakfast mess. Inspired by one of Kalin's posts, I'm going to try to start saving scraps (on the right) for soup stock.

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The mess isn't tooooo ba--look at all those dishes! Party=neverending dishes. I'm still finding wine glasses in the living room.

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Something about the light through the kitchen window convinces me that everything on that table would look good in a picture taken by a camera phone. Breakfast was my own perfect skillet potatoes (acceptable breakfast on a weekend), Molly Wizenberg's Kale and Cheddar Frittata made with collard greens and Yancey's Fancy wasabi cheddar (every time I go to NJ, I come back with this New York treat), Cara Cara oranges, "breakfast salad" (Trader Joe's wild arugula - I like it so much I can eat an entire bowl of it without any dressing), and homemade spicy pickled carrots.

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My dining companion recommended I try taking one from this angle instead.

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Brittany said...

The idea of wasabi cheddar sounds AMAZING!! How does it taste?