Friday, January 21, 2011

Answering and Asking Questions

I lost a little bit of steam yesterday when I realized I had caught the bug that seems to be going around among at least some of my acquaintances here in Portland. For me at least, it was the kind of bug where, if I'd been sitting still for a long time, I thought I was fine, but as soon as I tried to do anything, I'd feel sick. I hate those kind of bugs because I always feel really lazy. Anyway, today I haven't felt sick at all, so perhaps all the indolence and napping of yesterday fixed it.

I've been meaning to answer the questions people ask in the comments on the blog itself, on the Google Buzz feed, and on Facebook (in response to a blog post.)

Brittany asked about the Yancey's Fancy wasabi cheddar. It is very good, so good that I seek it out in New Jersey and stuff it in my suitcase. Since I started writing this, however, I found out that Market of Choice supposedly carries it. I think the closest Market of Choice is in Lake Oswego, so I guess the next time I find myself at Tryon Creek or...I don't know what would take me to Lake Oswego...I'll have to make a stop.

But then! At QFC (which, for some reason, I always drove past but never stopped in) I found (in addition to ten pounds of potatoes for $1.68!!!!) Yancey's Fancy! The Wasabi Cheddar I've written about, in addition to one I'd never heard of before (so it had to be bought!), Smoked Bacon and Horseradish Cheddar. Hmm. Their website is here; the Recipes section in particular is interesting. It seems to be "melt cheese and put it on stuff!" for the most part.

There was a question about my shade and cold tolerant herbs. Now, I'm not 100% sure these herbs will survive. In the summer, I got a stem of mint from my boyfriend. He also has giant rosemary plants in his yard, from which I frequently am taking pieces. I had them in water and found that not only had a piece of each herb sprouted roots, but they'd also survived the move and two weeks in my north-facing window. If they could survive the window, could they survive the windowbox? I put them outside for a couple hours a day, increasing the length of time each day, and after they'd had a few overnight stays on the porch, planted them in the windowboxes that happily run along the entire length of my apartment (except for the part that is the balcony.) So far, they seem to be doing okay. According to this article, lemon balm and chives will also do okay in shade, so I plan on trying them soon.

Several people have asked me for the recipe for the spicy carrot pickles. We used my boyfriend's computer, and he claims that the recipe is lost, that we'll have to use a different one next time. This recipe looks pretty similar, except we definitely did not use Splenda, we used dill seed (which we found at Whole Foods in the bulk section), we used red pepper flakes instead of peppercorns in the brine, and we added a whole garlic clove and pieces of real chile peppers to each jar. We used jalapeno in some jars, serrano in others, habanero in a few, and a dried ghost chile one. We cut the carrots into matchsticks instead of coins, and I have no idea why. We could have fit a lot more carrots into the jars as coins! If you don't feel like processing jars, we made fridge pickles with some leftover brine and they were fine. We've both been reusing the brine to fridge-pickle all kinds of vegetables.

I think I want to make and can ajvar this year. Mmm.

Now, here's my question for my readers. Does anyone know anything about e-Readers? I am thinking of getting one. The only one that's ruled out is the Kindle, because if I am going to get one, it's going to be one that supports ePub. (Many of my textbooks are available as Google Books, which is cheaper and potentially more convenient than getting real books. I'm leaning toward the Nook, but really, I don't know what I am talking about. Do any of you? I'm interested in what you have to say!

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Brittany said...

Whoo hoo! I'm famous! boyfriend's mom works at a Market of Choice in Eugene. I'll have to ask her to pick us up some cheese next time we visit them if we can't find it at a QFC. I am on a mission now!

Thanks for answering my question, too. :o)