Wednesday, January 05, 2011

5 Things for Wednesday

1. School has started. I've gone to two classes so far. I've had frequent moments of my inner monologue blurting out, "What am I doing in a School of Government? I've never taken classes like this! I don't know what all these words mean that my professor is using!" But the program is open to people who've never taken policy, political science, or government classes before, to people who've come from other fields and want to combine their previous work with public administration. I'm sure they wouldn't have accepted me into this program if they thought I couldn't handle it.

2. Still, I'm thinking of dropping down to part time status. Which would just be two classes instead of three, not one. It occurred to me today that working 20 hours a week at a real job is not the same as the part time work I did in college while attending school full time. Also, I want straight A's. I could probably manage straight A's and working, but it could mean sacrificing all other things I like to do with my time and also being really cranky. I have a history of taking on too much and spreading myself too thin, and is there really any need to do that?

3. My new apartment is starting to look great! Did I tell you that I have a fireplace? I also got a kitchen table last week. The curtains just got hung over the doors to my private balcony (totally not kidding!!!!) so now I have some privacy, too. I will take some blurry phone pictures to post here soon.

4. I got a membership to the Portland Japanese Garden. Hooray!

5. I'm training to be a tour guide at the Portland Japanese Garden. Yay!


Anonymous said...

just don't go take a ton of econ classes if you can't do math. that, i know people at psu do judge (mostly because i've had to listen to them judge).

but most of the grad programs there seem to have a pretty wide variety of people. which means there's totally people who are questioning what they're doing there way more than you are.

kalin said...

(and that would be kalin, who fails at entering her name. win.)

LS said...


Why aim for straight A's in grad school? Just do your best! As long as you get a B or better, it is fine, and get the A's in the classes you are interested in. People will be hiring you based on your experiences, what you have accomplished, and not based on GPA. Trust me on this. I guess GPAs are important if you want scholarships, but that is the only thing. Really, GPA's are for college grads... above that level they are only used to tell which kids that shouldn't be in grad school at all.