Sunday, December 26, 2010

Highlights from the Blog Revision Project

Also known as "old posts that it's okay for my family and Tyler's family to read.
I am snowed in by the fireplace with dogs, cats, parents, Christmas leftovers, and beer. We were supposed to visit family today and could not because of the snow. It is pretty disappointing, and that's one of the reasons (I remember this now) that last year, I said I wanted to visit at every time of year except Christmas. Snowstorms always come at the most inconvenient times and ruin plans to see people that you won't get to see again for months.
I'm making the best of the built-in free time. I made some progress on revising the beginnings of this blog, which you will see as mostly un-publishing a bunch of stuff I found unfit for the public to read. I edited some posts to make them more readable, trying to preserve my 2006 writing style even if that meant leaving in the cringe-inducing excessive cussing or references to drinking that, in my early 20's, counted as humorous. A caricature of my 21-year-old blogging self would be this:

Despite this, a few good adventures and stories arose from the fog of cussing, digressing, stringy sentences, typos, and references to drinking.
Girls and boys
Homeland Security was originally written and saved as a draft at this time, and then published years later.
I added pictures to show you how I used to decorate - I even made a wreath for every holiday!
Girls and Boys Part 2
Cook College will retroactively rescind my botany degree if anyone sees this
Global Warming is Ruining Christmas
I've left off with the beginning of 2007 because it's time for a different project today and also, I'm not ready to be faced with 2007, my Annoyingly Eco Conscious summer. I can't bring myself to confront that 23-year-old (there was no posting in 2007 until about a month after my 23rd birthday) with her reuseable shopping bag, her compost pile, her Francophilia, and her verbosity. Not today.

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