Sunday, December 19, 2010

Great Day!

I actually wrote this on Friday but never published it.

1. Last night, I got a lot of stuff done that I had been feeling overwhelmed about. Specifically, I made some progress on difficult Christmas gifts and addressed about half of my Christmas cards.

2.My boyfriend and I traded presents this morning and I got a beautiful necklace from Block Party Press

3. I finally made it to the library before they closed, and picked up some holds I was looking forward to.

4. I get the keys to my new apartment tomorrow!

5. It was sunny and clear (but cold! but that's kind of what I consider a "proper" winter so I don't mind) and I could see snowy Mount Hood today.

6. I'm going to New Jersey in less than a week!

7. Things are moving along on my projects at work. I don't write too much about work on here, because I don't really want my work life linked up with this blog, but for my readers who don't know, I now have a job doing the same kind of work I did at my last job in New Jersey, except part time. The organization I work for now is different in many ways than the one I worked at in New Jersey. The environment is much better, much more supportive, but it does not have the money (at least not for my department) that my last job did. So, I only work half time instead of full time, and I have to be more creative. This means I have more responsibility than I did at the job in NJ; it's more challenging but also more interesting. It's less money (at least for now, and this is just because I work less hours), but more rewarding, and I think it will look very good on a resume because of the increased responsibility I have. Anyway, things are moving in a positive direction with my projects, and that makes me very happy.

8. This morning, my boyfriend and I finally used the canner we bought together. We canned hot spicy pickled carrots in the morning before we both went to work.

9. Also, I finished reading a good book yesterday. A replacement of my missing BUST October/November issue (the science issue!!!!) is being mailed to me. I finally went to Paradox in SE for breakfast, and because I signed up for their mailing list, I got a 20% coupon. I got a scramble with potatoes and lots of vegetables, an egg, and curry sauce. Yum!

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