Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Christmas of No Cookies

About a week ago, I wanted to write a post about how it was the Christmas That Never Felt Like Christmas. Then suddenly - perhaps because we had a stretch of sunny, clear days where not only was it cold, but I could see (because there were no clouds in the way) the snowy Cascades, including Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood - the rain ceased to dim for me the glow of Christmas-light-covered houses.

However, it is the Christmas of No Cookies. I'm a bit bummed about this. For the first time since 2006, I won't be making my traditional unusual cookies to give out as Christmas gifts this year. No Very Ginger Cookies or Violet Cornmeal Macarons. No Hazelnut Black Pepper Sabl├ęs. No Jewel Cookies with homemade jam.

I hope to make and send out New Year's Cookies, or perhaps Martin Luther King Jr. Day Cookies, or Valentine's Day Cookies.

Many of the handmade gifts I envisioned giving out this year aren't happening either.

I've accepted that it was just a busy season, with a lot of changes such as preparing to start school and moving into a new place. It's hard to bake cookies when you are trying to keep your bakeware packed. I have two days left, and something tells me "unpacking boxes" and "packing for NJ" and even "going to work" are going to take precedence over cookie baking. Well, I can't do everything.


kalin said...

come to my house. so. many. cookies.

i may have had some for breakfast. whoops.

Sarah said...

Cookies are a suitable breakfast, because they go well with coffee AND milk. If they have whole wheat flour in them, then they are whole grain breakfast and good for your heart.