Friday, November 19, 2010

No San Francisco

The planned road trip to San Francisco has been canceled due to weather. It was almost canceled due to tiredness, about a week ago. It was un-canceled due to weather - when I looked at the forecast and saw sun, sun, sun, and seventy-two degrees.

Then I checked the weather in the places we'd travel through with high elevation...and there was a chance of snow. Soon, it grew close enough to the weekend for me to get the forecast in San Francisco. Rain. So, we'd leave in the cold rain, drive through rain and then snow, only to arrive in rain. Better off staying in the rain.

"Maybe we can go someplace else!" I said. "We still have four days off! Maybe we can go east, toward the sun!"

"Where is that?"

"I don't really know..." I replied.

Even Google Maps couldn't help me.

Portland to the Sun.jpg

Note that the icon for my Google Maps tab is the Yahoo! icon. Something weird is going on with my Internet connection and Linux - it keeps connecting me to the wrong domain. Once I clear the cache and reload Google Maps on a different connection (like at work), that little Y! will go away. But still, weird.

You may know that I consider Google the technological equivalent of The Man Who Can Do No Wrong. If you had to pledge yourself for life to a search engine, I would choose to wed dear, beloved Google.

Um...anyway. But even Google can't find the sun for me here in rainy, dreary Portland, which is also unusually cold right now.

I'm amused that it offered Pine State Biscuits as a solution. What a good idea! Thanks, Google!

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Brittany said...

That's awesome! Pine State would make me feel happy, too!