Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hello, NaBloPoMo

As I've mentioned, yesterday marked the beginning of National Blog Posting Month. That morning, from the airport, I registered as botanylicious on the website, which has helpful things like links to participating blogs, groups to join, and daily writing prompts. I'm interested in the prompts, but I have a "Things to Write About" list and planned to use that for NaBloPoMo. I finally moved most of my photographs from an external hard drive to my laptop, imported them into digiKam (the Linux photo organizing software I recently switched to from F-Spot Photo Manager, which does not have an option to export to Facebook), and began tagging and exporting them to Flickr. The photos are giving me a lot of inspiration for the topics on that Things to Write About list, such as a spontaneous solo road trip I took to Montréal on Valentine's Day 2009. (This was about the time I was starting to snap, and then I moved to Oregon.) I've found inspiration in unexpected places, as well, such as badly composed photographs taken for record-keeping purposes of food or a closet or the progress of a garden. They remind me of the time they were taken, of my old apartment and my life there and the life I wished for (and now have).

In a sense, this is my second post in a row that's, "Things I'm Going to Write About."

I started a post on the plane which I hope to finish, edit, and post while it's still November 2nd. However, I'm in New Jersey, so things might not go according to plan, and I'm having Internet issues. If this blog is silent for the duration of my New Jersey trip, that is the reason, and my return to Oregon will bring a sudden burst of posting, because I will keep writing every day in Word documents. Oops, I mean OpenOffice.org documents.

Are any of you participating in NaBloPoMo? Have you heard of it before? What do you think of the prompts?

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