Saturday, October 23, 2010

Graduate School News

Now that I've told my friends and family, this news can go on my blog. A few days ago, I got my acceptance letter in the mail to the graduate program I applied to at the end of the summer. Starting in January, I will be going to the Hatfield School of Government at Portland Statue in the MPA program. My planned specialization is non-profit management, but I have a little bit of time to decide. There's also a natural resources option.

I'm working on some substantial posts, but since those take some time, I wanted to write this quick update. Now I have a reason to commit to Portland for a little longer. I love Portland and I always have, but as many (if not all) of my readers know, things were a little shaky for awhile. They were working for the time being, but there was no long term plan. Then I got a job. Now I have school and I can say I'll be here for the two or three years it will take to complete the minimum. I can settle down. I can buy kitchen items that I want (without having to worry about moving them to the East Coast.) I can finally move the rest of my cookbooks and dinner party dishes out here, because I know I won't have to move them back to the East Coast anytime soon!

And I can explore a new part of the city! (The university is downtown, which is on the west side, and I joke...except it's almost not a joke...that I leave the east side as little as possible.) I'm excited about the next two years and whatever they bring.


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