Friday, October 15, 2010

Catching up

NaBloPoMo is nearly upon us. That means I will be updating this blog once a day, even if it's with just a collection of links, a photo, or something short and boring.

I'll begin NaBloPoMo in New Jersey. I will be visiting for about ten days. While working on my presentation for work from my laptop and arranging trips to other public gardens as research. I hope to set up some meetings with garden staff to swap information and ideas; however, after working for three different public gardens, I know that sometimes one's schedule is booked up six months ahead of time.

I've spent a lot of time organizing my desk space, filing, and color coding my files. This is pretty boring. Aren't you glad I haven't been filling you in on my everyday life during my Month of Filing?

My job got extended from six months to a year, and as long as there's funding, it will get extended again.

I will also hear soon if I've been accepted to graduate school or not.

In the meantime, there's a lot of organizing happening, and food shopping, and gift shopping.

I'm working on some long posts, which may or may not be illustrated. Here are some draft titles, to give you a preview:

My Brief Gymnastics Career
A Suggested Addition to the Kama Sutra
Things I First Noticed About Portland

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