Monday, September 13, 2010

Chicken Update

It turns out that my $1.29/lb roasting chicken came with some of the guts still inside. Google searching indicated that I should remove them, and they are now in a Pyrex in the fridge. What should I do with them now? Make a scaled-down version of Mark Bittman's paté recipe? (The benefit of paté is that it kind of disguises what you're eating.) Fry up the heart and feed it to the dog? See if I actually like chicken heart? (I am French, after all. At least my French relatives eat that kind of stuff.)


LS said...

What kind of guts? Usually it might be the neck (=broth), liver, and heart. The liver is not enough for pate. The heart is not enough for anything. And you don't want the liver or heart in your broth. Feed a dog or cat with it (you can boil them first if you like). If you want to make pate, buy a container filled with just chicken livers instead :)

I thought guts referred to intestinal parts mostly, like tripe and such... I hope that wasn't still inside the chicken. I have never seen a dish made with chicken tripe, but I am sure they used to (or still do) eat it somewhere.

Check out this website when you get hungry for offal:

Sarah said...

Thanks, I'll probably feed them to someone's cat or dog. Although I read that grilled chicken heart and fried liver is great! I wonder why they were left in the chicken.

kalin said...

i'm clearly late to this, but i make stock whenever i have a whole chicken, and i use the random inside bits in it too. i feel like maybe they add nutrients to the stock. i pretend anyhow. (if you cook a whole chicken making stock is an awesome choice in general, and easy!)