Friday, September 10, 2010

Back from Colorado

I almost wrote, "Back from the West," but Colorado is not west of where I live now. "Back from the East" was already taken by my return from New Jersey. "Back from the Midwest" isn't accurate. "Back from the West-that-is-East-of-here-but-not-Midwest" is too long.

We are back from Colorado today. More on that later. We had a great time. I just got the pictures back and plan to post them on Flickr soon, and then on this blog. We had a very long travel day. One of the results of this was a drawing I did of "Why We Should Just Drive Next Time" (with a lot of emphasis of how much cheaper gas is than plane tickets). After getting to Portland, we took naps. Then we went to dinner at my favorite place, Broder, which I will write about soon. Then we got a flat tire! Well, my car did.

I am very tired. But home, and safe, and content. I had a good trip and a good dinner.

More later!

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