Friday, August 20, 2010

Lazy Sunday

The following is a post I wrote on August 1, when it was actually Sunday. I was so lazy that it took me more than two weeks to edit and publish it.

Today was pretty commonplace, but nice enough to write about. Trains and traffic on the highway behind my house woke us up. I like to imagine that not just freight trains, but the Empire Builder is passing by carrying passengers like me home from the East.

After much debate over what to do for breakfast (should we go out? should I spent at least an hour making pistachio lemon chevre pancakes, after which we'd still feel hungry for lack of protein? should i spend another half hour making tofu scramble to go with it?) we went to the farmers market, where we knew we'd find good breakfast burritos without having to wait 40 minutes just for the privilege of seeing a menu. (This would have been the case had we opted to go out to Petite Provence or Tin Shed.) As we waited for scrambled-egg-and-potato-loaded burritos, I saw a woman holding a plastic cup of bright green juice. I didn't know what it was, but I wanted it.

When asked if I wanted coffee (which I had been fixated on when we started our what-to-do-for-breakfast debate) next, I replied, "I kinda want juice now." My boyfriend might have been momentarily frustrated, wondering what the hell I was talking about. There was no juice at the burrito stand and no juice at the coffee stand, and I had become fixated on juice. Nothing else would do.

"Maybe they have iced coffee," he said, in the tone of attempted compromise with an irrational person.

"Maybe, but I saw a lady with juice."

"There are popsicles," he suggested hopefully.

I said nothing, my face forming a slight pout that mean, "Popsicles sound nice, but they are not juice."

We finished our delicious, satisfying, messy burritos, and walked the perimeter of the entire market (which is not that big - more like walking the perimeter of half of a small parking lot), and we saw no juice.

"I don't know what to tell you," he told me.

"Maybe I imagined the juice." But by now, he had seen people with juice, too. I started to think about buying vegetables instead, but then, at the exact same moment, both of us set our eyes on something bright green. A small, unassuming tamale stand had been right in front of us when we began our search, and yet we failed to see the three big, brightly-colored containers it housed. There was glowing pink watermelon juice! There was luminous green lime juice! There was horchata!

I finished my lime juice before I'd even completed selecting tomatoes. With the remaining $10 in my wallet, I got lemon cucumbers, an assortment of heirloom tomatoes, and a pound of purple potatoes.

When we'd left for the market, it had been cloudy and a little chilly, typical of Portland summer mornings. By the time we arrived at the market, the sun had broken through the marine clouds, burning through the long-sleeved tunic and jeans I'd unwisely worn. The sun continued to shine on us as we walked back to the car, dodging broken glass on the sidewalk and admiring neighborhood gardens. Along the sidewalk grew an impressive row of lavender, tall plants crowned with an explosion of purple flowers. It was impossible to be in a bad mood. I walked back with my heavy produce bags, sucking on lime-flavored melted-ice.

We parted ways and, back at my house, without a desk chair I had to work from my bed. You can imagine how productive that was. What I accomplished was learning more about Snookie from Jersey Shore than I'd ever imagined I'd wanted to know, and also that the Fonz from Happy Days was signing autographs at a burger place near where I grew up in rural New Jersey.

And this is where the post ends and becomes notes. Every time I have tried to wrap this up and publish, someone distracts me. As I am writing now, someone is distracting me with coffee and bacon (so I can't really complain.)

The end of this post was supposed to be some comments on dinner. I was lucky enough to find a recipe, the ingredients of which were things I was trying to use up and things I had just purchased at the market - a lemon cucumber salad with avocado and soba noodles, and a tomato and white peach salad from Martha Stewart (which unfortunately isn't on her website anymore.) This was the lemon cucumber salad, and it was great!

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