Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Masthead

Spring is over and so is the time for my spring masthead - the crazy one with mountains on one side (mountains that were actually Montana, not Oregon) and an abundant flower garden on Hawthorne street (with a bike) on the other side, and a picture of me angrily eating fried pickles in the foreground with some floating giant rhododendron blossoms. And a bike, which is pretty random because I don't ride a bike. Actually, it's there because it's a symbol of Portland, where I live, and it was really in the picture of the flower garden on Hawthorne.

This new one is probably the simplest so far. Continuing with the theme of snowy mountains, Mount Hood is in the background with its reflection in Trillium Lake (where this picture was taken just a few weeks ago.) The giant lady in the foreground is me on the Fourth of July with my new haircut, a temporary tattoo of a flag, the dress that I made last summer, and a sparkler. I took the Trillium Lake picture; my boyfriend took the picture of me. It was all edited with GIMP, a program you can get for Linux.

Actual writing to come soon.

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