Friday, May 28, 2010

It's potentially tacky to use someone else's life to write a blog post, but it's on my mind. I got some sad news from the East Coast today, and it was kind of like being hit in the face. It made me really determined to quit focusing on the bad things in life (in Portland, currently a common topic of crankiness is the weather, which has been rainier and grayer than is normal even for this city!) and remember what is good, and really enjoy it.

On a related note, it also made me glad I moved to Portland when I did. Lately, I have been really missing certain parts of New Jersey, especially friends and family. I still miss them and, in light of this news, wish I could be with them, but I also am glad I made the decision to change my life for the better. Life is too short to be cranky or miserable all the time. Sometimes, we can't help it. Sometimes, we have to acknowledge bad things so that we can deal with them, and sometimes we have to feel this way to appreciate good times. But I'm going to focus on being this way less than I already am.

So, although it sucks that I can't go for my walks as much as I normally do, and the cold weather is not helping my tomatoes or peppers, the rain is making my Swiss chard and some of my herbs go crazy and the rain also makes the green of forest plants, such as Sword Ferns and Vine Maples, stand out gorgeously.

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