Friday, May 14, 2010


I want to drive to the Painted Hills and back in one day. It is just under four hours away. Not a single person had told me that this idea is not crazy. Even when I tell them that I'm a great long distance driver and have driven more than eight hours in one day during all of my road trips.

All I'd need to buy is gas, and maybe a park pass. I could pack sandwiches and snacks for lunch and dinner in the car.

I think this is worth a crazy trip:


LS said...

That is gorgeous! I want to see those hills too. But I don't like LONG LONG drives... :)

Why not stay overnight in a tent?

Leah said...

Where are they?

Sarah said...

Leah, they are in Mitchell, OR, which is west of John Day. relation to Portland, it's about 4 hours southeast. You take 26 most (if not all) of the way. So you go through the Mount Hood National Forest, which is a nice drive, and after that, it's a mystery to me. An adventure!