Monday, April 26, 2010

Short, but too long for Twitter.

I've heard the belief expressed that each individual has a set level of happiness from which they cannot, outside of a small margin, waver. These people adapt to their situations to be just as content whether something drastically good or drastically bad happens. Using the past twelve months of my life as evidence, I disagree. These thoughts are similar to those expressed here.

The things I love here haven't replaced the things I loved from the East Coast. There are just new things in my life. It's the geography and the everyday that I am in love with here in Oregon.

Someone told me in February that I didn't know spring until I'd seen spring in Oregon. Until last week, spring in Oregon just looked like spring in NJ, but a little earlier. I disagree, but I see why he said that.

Last week, I saw the horse chestnut trees along 39th burst into bloom; I also began to see, throughout the city, a deciduous rhododendron previously unknown to me. It is yellow. The petals are the color of the inside of a peach. Because it is deciduous, the leaves are thin, soft, and bright, rather than dark, thick, and waxy. These rhododendrons brighten the cloudy days for which this city is known.

This morning, driving south through the city, passing places like Laurelhurst Park, I thought (and this is what this post is really about), How can I ever be unhappy here? No matter what small inconveniences I face, how can I be unhappy in this city, with these amazing people, with these horse chestnuts above me and with these inside-of-a-peach-yellow, deciduous rhododendrons on my way home?

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Leah said...

Totally agree Sarah... it's impossible to be unhappy here!