Monday, April 19, 2010

Post script

I guess I should write the PS/Part Two to my last post NOW before it invokes a bunch of talking-off-the-ledge e-mails and phone calls from my friends and family. Who will find me taking on assorted cleaning and organizational projects listening to endless Interpol. I'll probably bake a cake later.

A part two, which is totally full of loose ends and not clear or coherent, is that I'm collecting stories of marriages of men and women where the woman was independent, driven, and successful. You see, when I read My Life in France, Julia and Paul Child's marriage is one of the things from that book that had the strongest impression on me. I really loved that Julia and Paul Child had adventures together; they traveled the world together. I think when I read that book, I thought, "I'll settle for no less than a Paul."

Now I'm reading a biography of a botanist from the Portland area, Lilla Leach. So far, her story is also pretty inspiring. Lilla didn't marry her husband until she was in her late 20's, well past her era's standard for spinsterhood. When her beau went to Oregon State in Corvallis, she went to U of O in Eugene. He lived in Nevada for some time while she stayed in Oregon. She was focused on her own goals and did not follow him. From page 19 of The Botanist and Her Muleskinner, the following stands out to me. John Leach is quoted as describing how he finally got Lilla to marry him; when he told her that "I could tie the diamond hitch, talk mule talk, reason with mule logic and take her into the wildest country, where college professors could not get, she fell on my neck so hard that I never recovered."

I haven't gotten much farther than this, but so far, John Leach sounds like a Paul.

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