Sunday, March 28, 2010

This could get meta.

Last night, I experienced every blogger's dream.

Well, no. This or this is every blogger's dream.

Anyway, it was at a bar in North Portland, that mysterious place* where numbered avenues cease to be. While out in public, someone announced that he'd read my blog—this blog!

My initial emotion—elation—quickly became alarm. I blanched. I recalled that I'd recently posted a collection of pictures of toilets. But he then he referenced specific posts he'd read, the toilet post not among them.

And yet, with respect to that topic, a startling coincidence was to be realized.

Remember this? I took it with my cell phone in the bathroom of my favorite NE Portland bar after too many of their signature cocktails. It was supposed to capture some interesting wall art.

Well, this newfound reader busted out his iPhone last night and showed me that he, too, had photographed this exact same bathroom wall art. Except, the iPhone being superior to the Verizon Motorola, his was a clear photograph of a Donnie Darko-like bunny rabbit painting. Not exactly my Rectangle of Darkness.

I know what you're thinking, and to be honest, the same thought crossed my mind. But then I remembered: Yes, the restrooms at the Bye and Bye are unisex.

* For my North Jersey readers: I suspect that North Portland is like Union County and the parts of Essex and Morris Counties that border it. You know it's there and you've been to places around it, but unless you have a specific reason to go to, say, New Providence or Berkeley Heights, you could live in the state your entire life and never enter that region. And if you, having made a wrong turn off of 78 or 22, find yourself in a place such as Springfield, you are hopelessly, horribly lost.

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