Monday, February 22, 2010

Punctuation is the New Black

There's something I'd love to see. A revival of proper punctuation, as well as spelling and maybe even capitalization. (Actually, I'm okay with improper capitalization in texts, IMs, and Facebook messages. Improper capitalization does not impede the meaning of a sentence.)

Can't you just imagine it? After its apparent death in the late '00's, the 2010's see a resurgence in the popularity of proper grammar. Punctuation is IN again! Spelling is BACK!

Please, people. End questions with a question mark. (Example: "Want to get together this weekend?!") You know, that curvy thing you've been placing at the end of declaratives which, by the way, you shouldn't do. "I can't wait to see you?!" makes no sense. And while there are words toward which I, too, have a mental block (you should see me struggle to spell "license." Liscence? Lisence!?), we now have web browsers endowed with that red squiggly line which tells us when we have misspelled a word. Not only that, but if you right-click, your web browser will also provide you with the correct spelling of the misspelled word. You don't have to lift a finger to look it up! (Well, technically, you do have to lift a finger to right-click.) Therefore, there is definitly definately defiantly definitely no longer an excuse for unclear and incorrect writing on the Internet.

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