Monday, February 01, 2010

Jersey Girl In Oregon, For Real This Time

I made that masthead (which I think takes up a disproportionate amount of screen and ought to be resized) shortly after I got to NJ. And it stayed up, proclaiming I was in Oregon, the whole time I was in NJ. I might have made a new one, but I didn't want to change it until I was actually in Oregon a little while. Maybe it will be my "winter" masthead. Although for an appropriate Oregonian winter masthead, I think I would need something gray and damp-looking instead of a snowscape.

SPEAKING of snowscapes, I just got my photos back from my train trip across America! Along with several rolls I found while going through my stuff in NJ. I found photos from my 2008 road trip and the long lost role from my crazy solo road trip to Montreal. Now I can finally blog about it. In general, when I get photos back, I post them on Facebook in chronological order with captions that, now that I think of it, are what I would write in my blog. Not everyone has Facebook and Facebook, with all of its revisions to itself, still has not yet evolved to a format where one doesn't have to scroll down to see the caption of a photo. So I am going to upload the photos to my little-used Flickr and post them here, illustrating the story. It may take some time.

Here's one more photo - I'll post one of Oregon since that seems appropriate. It was taken from Washington; the train runs on that side of the Columbia River until the very last minute--crossing from Vancouver to Portland--but you can see Oregon on the other side.


LS said...

I love your photos!

Sarah said...

Thanks! That is a real compliment especially from you!