Thursday, February 11, 2010

Citrus Mania

New Seasons (sort of like the Wegman's of Oregon) currently has the largest collection of winter citrus I have ever seen in my life. For real. Every time I go there, I am overwhelmed. Even if my intention is not to buy any food at all, the produce section beckons to me. Hypnotized, my feet moving through a power other than my own will, I find myself staring at the bins of lemons, limes, and mostly, tangerines and mandarins. Clementines. Satsumas. Mineola tangelos. Page tangerines. You get the idea.

Once again, I found myself there today. This time I did plan on buying citrus. I needed about 8 clementines and 10 kumquats for a salad, and I thought it would be fun to get a few different types of tangerines/mandarines. If I end up buying three pieces of citrus when I didn't intend to buy any, you can imagine what happened when I did plan on buying fruit. I have 9 tangerines/mandarines, plus two limes that do not look like limes; one is yellow and one is orange. But the most exciting thing is that, after years of wondering what they are like in a form other than Earl Grey tea, I found bergamot oranges. They were not cheap but I don't care. Also, they look like lemons. Now the question is, what does one do with fresh bergamot oranges? Do you eat them raw like a regular orange? Should they be cooked with? Can you drink the juice? Don't get me started on my ideas for the peel! I'm imagining bergamot zest (though I have no idea what I'll do with it) and drying the peel to make homemade Earl Grey tea.

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J.F. Nelson said...

Agreed: New Seasons' produce section is a delight to behold.