Monday, January 04, 2010

Notes on North Jersey Geography

    I filled out the end of the year meme, in haste, on Thursday, and then took it down because parts of it felt long, rambly, and narcissistic. It needs editing. I will probably edit it and re-post it.
    In other news, while trying to look up--who knows what!, I found this website about roads. This page about US-206 in NJ (a stretch I have driven many times, either coming from New Brunswick to Sparta or from Sparta to Sussex County Jury Duty (aka Newton), is pretty much a good example of what you'll find on the site.
    I find this website to be remarkable. I mean that in all possible ways. Different parts of this website have me alternately exclaiming, "Cool!" and "What a kook!" The truth is, I would love to just drive on roads and explore places all over the continent and the world. OK, that wasn't too weird (nor surprising, for anyone who has known me over the past two years.) The other truth is that my inner nerd would love to catalogue all these roads. I suppose anyone who's been in a car with me navigating wouldn't find this all too confusing. (I do tend to refer to roads by their County Route numbers.)
    For example, on that page I linked to, about halfway down there is a collection of photographs of US-206 signs that are actually the round NJ state highway shield instead of the more elaborate US highway type. I have totally seen those and noted them in my head! That is so dorky!
    And if those old-fashioned signs in Newton were ever replaced by the newer green and white kind, I would probably be pissed off.
    In any case, I will definitely refer to this site when I am planning road trips in unfamiliar areas (and Oregon). Those photographs will be very useful.

    In other news, I went to Hamburg Mountain today, and while trying to locate it on a map I found that a "range" not far from where I live is called "Pimple Hills." I feel like I need to go there.

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LS said...

Driving from up north on 306 to PRinceton takes at least 2 extra hours because of a million trafficlights and curves and cars that stop to make a left. But you do see New Jersey.

I feel the same about road trips. I love small little roads through villages, old signs and names (Buttzville, etc), and curious things you see. Highways are just transportation, not experiences and no memory-creation. Pimple Hill, sounds great, you think it is yellow on top?