Monday, January 18, 2010

Skinny Jean Rescue Surgery: Part Two

    To be brief--IT WORKED! Sewing a waistband on top of the existing waistband of my jeans made them wearable, comfortable, and free of muffin-topping. Franken-waistband doesn't look too bad, either. Regular shirts (not just long shirts) seem to cover it; however, I might re-attach the belt loops and wear tucked-in shirts with two belts, as a strange fashion statement. I wonder how that would look...
Or maybe one long belt wrapped around twice. Or a scarf.
    So, the conclusion is, if you can't comfortably wear low-rise jeans (in my case, because my waist is higher than the jeans' waist and the jean won't stay up worn at their natural mid-hip level) you need to add extra fabric. A solution that wouldn't result in destroying a pair of jeans would be to make a new waistband, but if you're afraid to do that, just cut the waistband off of an existing pair of jeans (in a similar color!) and sew that waistband to the top of the jeans.

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