Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Anne Shirley would approve of this train

The train is most likely a go. The name of the train that goes from Chicago to Portland (or Seattle) is the Empire Builder. It goes through the Northwest, from what I can tell following the route of I-94 and I-90. The only cons are the potential mind-numbing boredom and that I would get to Portland kind of late. The pros that are making me lean toward the train are things other people might find trivial, such as that I will be able to take my undeveloped film with me* and that the Rocky Mountains, especially up in Montana, will probably look amazing in winter. Also, I can see what North Dakota looks like, I can finish my Christmas knitting on the train AND finish reading the Oregon Drivers Manual. This will make the time I have left in NJ more productive. What also has me sold is the name of the train; isn't Empire Builder such a romantic name?

* This is proof of how I am silly. I have several rolls of film and am paranoid about the airport security X-rays destroying them. However, I can't find anyplace I'd rather develop them than Fred Meyer!

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