Monday, January 18, 2010

Alaskan Obsession

    Has anyone else noticed that whenever I say I'm going to do something crazy, I end up doing it? Lately that is, at least.
    First it was driving across the United States. Okay, did that. Three times in two trips. Then it was driving to Canada. Did that. Then it was moving to Portland. I talked about that, in moments of crazy (when I had no plan, no job, just talked about MOVING) long before I actually did it. I believe it started when I was 16 and got an e-mail from Reed College.
    Then it was taking a train home from NJ, shunning planes. I'm doing that.
    This is why I will occasionally look up from my maps of Alaska, British Columbia, and Yukon, and think, "Oh no." In moments of fantasy, my thoughts run like this: "Hmmmmmm...well that's green, so that's some kind of park and hey! A name! That's a town! It's south of Anchorage and roads go to it! It's less than 2,000 miles away! Maybe I can drive there!" More often than I'd care to admit, I've caught my mind forming the thought, "Look at that! It's so close to/on a road that goes to Whitehorse. If you're that close to Yukon, you may as well GO to Yukon, right?"
    OF COURSE. EVERYONE should go to YUKON. Do I even know what's in Yukon? NO!!!!!!! Snow? All I know about Yukon is Yukon Cornelius (who is a fictional character) and once I listened to an interesting NPR story that took place in Whitehorse, but I don't even remember what it was about.
    There is so much empty space on these maps, and occasionally Google Image searching brings up pictures of snowy mountains. I do love snowy mountains. I find myself lured into the romance of that empty space on the map...just road...and it drowns out my inner sane woman who is crying, "No! What if your CAR breaks down? Even if you get cell phone reception, you will have to pay ROAMING CHARGES because you'll be in CANADA!" Eventually, my inner sane woman gives up and says, "Oh my God, you are actually going to do this someday, aren't you?"
    Maybe not this year, and maybe not even before I turn thirty, but someday.

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