Friday, December 04, 2009

You lost WHAT!?

That's what these are for!
(Now, of all the jokes you can make about those panties, mine was rather tame.)

Another link of the day is today's post on Overhead in PDX. It's very true. I especially like "force you to compost!?" I could just imagine some angry Oregonians holding someone in a headlock and saying, "You put that banana peel in a separate trash can!!!!!" Then they'd probably apologize and say, "Oh my goodness. I don't know what came over me! Would you like some fair trade organic shade grown tea? How about some Stumptown coffee?"

One of my habits is noticing unfamiliar ingredients in food stores and not just wanting to try them, but impulse-buying them whether I have an idea how to use them or not. Now I try to make a note and at least Google them first. Twice I've gone to a local produce market and stopped to ponder a pile of cardoons. Have any of my three readers tried these? What's a good (easy or at least non-messy) way to prepare them? Are they worth the effort? Another is a spice I've seen in a crazy produce/spice market in SE Portland, cubeb. It looks like peppercorns, because it is in the Piper genus. Having gone on an obsessive quest, two years ago, for long pepper, aka Piper longum aka pipalli aka magha (the name I finally found it under), I felt that I should try this "cubeb" stuff. I haven't bought any yet. From Google, I can't tell if it's used more as a medicinal than as a spice, or if it's a spice that happens to be medicinal. Does anyone know?
It seems to be edible, so if I don't find anything out, I might just try it by making a compound butter. Which is what I did with the long pepper. I found my stash of long pepper in a repurposed jam jar, in a box of "kitchen stuff" moved from my last apartment. It's on my mental list of "things to bring to Oregon."

For the third year in a row, I am going to make Christmas cookies from a list of unusual healthy cookie recipes that my at-the-time roommate Patrick and I compiled. I probably won't make as many cookies this year. I am sure that I will end up trying new recipes, but I don't plan on re-making all the same recipes as last year. Even though it might be like giving away my secrets, I'll post the cookie recipes--from Christmas past and Christmas present (or planning to be present)--in a post.
What I end up making this year will depend on what I already have, to minimize shopping and the piling up of more ingredients.
I found two large containers of hazelnuts and almonds in the freezer and several types of cornmeal in the pantry, so that means there will be hazelnut-and-black-pepper cookies and cornmeal macaroons. As long as I find my violet syrup, there will be violet cornmeal macaroons. This year, I bought violet food coloring from Bridge Kitchenware.

Finally, in knitting news, I am going to once again attempt the Odessa hat, which was once upon a time the bane of my knitting existence. Now that I don't twist my stitches, maybe the hat will look right! I would link to Odessa, but since Magknits is no more and I just got the PDF from Ravelry, I do not know where to direct the link.

This post with no point is not easy to wrap up. Bye!

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