Monday, December 07, 2009


Update: I just realized that "going on hiatus" doesn't appear to mean that the website archives will be inaccessible. At first, I was annoyed because I was afraid this change wouldn't only affect future content, but would also the archives. I'm glad Disney isn't censoring things like this.

From my e-mail this morning.
Focused on women and moms?! I am a little insulted. Where's the advice for women, moms, and EVERYONE ELSE? Also, part of the charm of IdealBite was its slightly off-color humor on occasion (things like, to save water, shower with a friend; cut down carbon emissions by dating your neighbor) and tips for things like eco-friendly underwear! Somehow I don't see that fitting in with the Disney family image.

Dear Biters:

For the past 5 years, Ideal Bite has helped make "light green" a way of life, leading to many meaningful changes. Together we've made the switch to organic food, CFL light bulbs, reusable water bottles, and paraben-free shampoos, and have inspired others to follow our lead.

Those small changes really have added up and have helped push green to the mainstream. As you've probably noticed, lately, our Ideal Bite guides, tips, and other content have become more family and home focused. And now, as part of the Walt Disney family of companies, it makes sense for us to join the Disney website, which focuses on women and moms, and is expanding the Go Green section of its site.

What does that mean for you? Starting this week, all Ideal Bite email editions and the website will go on indefinite hiatus as readies new ways to serve you Biters - through email, website, mobile, and video content. In the meantime, keep checking's Go Green section for content and updates.

Thanks for Biting with us over these past years. We've had a blast sharing our tips with you all, and we look forward to downing a virtual glass of biodynamic wine with you in the future.

Until then...Happy Biting,

The Ideal Bite Team

I understand that everyone's got to eat; I'm just disappointed. I feel like this is a little bit of a "fuck you" to women who aren't moms, women/moms who don't fit in with whatever the hell they define what women/moms are interested in, and all men. Or maybe this is just evidence of something I noticed yesterday (at Craftacular, as an example, where a lot of booths were dedicated to artsy children's clothing.) It seems that every year, the stuff that our generation thinks is cool is including more and more stuff for kids.
I don't think anyone should be excluded. I don't care if the stuff for families is added to the things I like. I don't like that it's replacing the stuff that's useful to me.

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