Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Veggie Tuesday

What a goofy title.

By the way, my NaBloPoMo lasts until December 8th, since I started on November 8th. This is a "post every day" kind of post. That was your warning.

I was like a housewife today. I did laundry, cooked, knitted, and watched The View and Oprah. Maybe I should erase that sentence.
Anyway, I made three things for dinner--beet soup with ginger, a fall potato-parsnip-carrot salad, and an acorn squash thing. The squash thing was bland. If I made it again I'd add garlic, caramelized onion, and maybe more spices. More corn and less egg/milk mixture. The recipe is here, and here is the potato salad. The salad was so good and so simple--a great way to use fall and winter vegetables. I think I am going to make throughout the cold months, trying different variations.
Tomorrow is going to be a similar day. I want to make Persimmon Soup for my grandmere and I to try when I visit her on Thursday. I have no idea if that will be good or disgusting.

More fun-filled Wednesday plans--call the unemployment office to ask what happened to my first three checks, sort through my stuff that's in storage (and maybe bring some of it to a thrift store to donate!), and start reading the Oregon Drivers Manual. How will I survive all that excitement!?

Here are some less boring vintage posts.
Not quite a year ago, but the only post from December 2008. (I was too busy being miserable to post much during my Morristown Life.) I remember where I was when I wrote this--in the Douglass Campus Center, waiting for some friends with whom I was going to eat lunch before going to the herbarium.
Three years ago. Every year, on December 1st, I think of this day and how weird that weather was.


the cat society said...

the flavor combination of beet and ginger is extraordinary but i've never experienced it in soup form

Sarah said...

It's very good, especially on a cold day.