Thursday, December 03, 2009

Post Costco Adventure

I feel that my short post from this morning doesn't really count as my post for the day.
The Costco Adventure was fine, although I was not exaggerating about the hitting people with shopping carts. It's a little embarrassing so I can't even write about it. I spent a lot of time removing shopping carts from their position pinning helpless old people to produce aisle (where they previously had been innocently selecting limes or collard greens) and smiling apologetically at strangers.
Here is an example of my grandmere's navigation skills:
Me (driving): Ok, we're on Route 3. Where do I need to go next?
G-mere: We go to Trader Joe.
Me: How do we get there?
G-mere: Get on the left lane.
Me: Ok, what exit?
G-mere: I don't know. I don't know exits.

Let me stop for a minute. I can't type the accent for the whole dialogue, but know that my grandmere has a distinct accent. Even when the words themselves aren't pronounced that strangely, the stress is always on a different syllable than the syllable on which most English speakers would place it. For example, "I don't KNOW. Idon'tknow ex-IT."

Me: Ok, what's the next road I want to get on?
G-mere: Eighty. No, the forty-six. The forty-six then the eighty.
Me: How do I get there?
G-mere: ........... *
Me: Do I take the Parkway to get there?
G-mere: There's the Parkway.
Me: Yes, there's the Parkway. Do I take that exit for the Parkway?
G-mere: Yeah, that's the Parkway.

(The exit for the Garden State Parkway disappears behind us, soon becoming no more than a memory.)

Me: Was I supposed to get on the Parkway?
G-mere: That was the Parkway. Oh, no, no! You'll take the forty-six.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In other news, for dinner tonight I made a savory zucchini tart with a hazelnut-thyme crust from This was on my list for awhile; when I found a bunch of soon-to-be-thrown-away zucchini packaged up and on sale for $1 at the produce market the other day, I felt like I had to rescue it and take it home. The tart was fine but it was kind of bland. I think the crust had too much flour. I feel like there should have been olive oil somewhere. And some kind of allium, like garlic or a layer of caramelized onions. Maybe a dash of balsamic vinegar...

In other food news, I bought Winesap apples today in Paterson. I love those markets, where you can get Middle Eastern groceries for a good price and all kinds of olives in bulk...for super cheap. I'm sure stores like that exist in the Portland area; I just haven't found them yet. (I have found that most stores sell things like flour and dried beans in bulk bins...I can't tell you how much I miss that in sleepy Sussex County, NJ.)

- - -

In craft news, I'm working on Christmas gifts. I was overambitious with my pattern selections last month, and picked all kinds of complicated patterns for which I bought moderately expensive (Malabrigo) yarn. Fortunately, I've found less complicated patterns that will use the same yarn. I'm knitting this multidirectional diagonal scarf, but got stuck for awhile on the direction "turn." What saved me was not a video from or even Ravelry message boards; it was a blog post I found from frantic Googling. It is here. I do not know this blogger, but I am grateful to her. If you find yourself knitting something with these tricky "short rows" and it is NOT a sock (for which there are an abundance of instructions), check out that blog.

- - - - - - -

That's pretty much it. No more news. Tomorrow I'm going to bring two bags of my stuff to a thrift store and go to the Lake Mohawk German Christmas Market. My mother wants me to go to a local Christmas tree festival this weekend. I'll be on the lookout for good stories.

Row 3: Inc,

* The same sentence uttered by my mother's Roomba when she found it under the living room couch last night.

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