Sunday, December 06, 2009

Obligatory December 6th Post

I am sleepy or I would write for real. I have a lot of writeable thoughts, from something I started last night and from my day today. I visited the town I once called home, New Brunswick, and from there took a train to New York. I got to see three of my friends today, which was really nice! With one friend I went to Craftacular. The second friend I saw while at Craftacular; she was leaving shortly after I arrived. The third friend I had dinner with at the Omega Diner, after getting back from New York. It was nice to go to New York and it was nice to visit New Brunswick, the setting of many of my happy memories, again. I'll write more about this later--how things are changing, how Route 18 is driveable now, how I've still never ordered the Maryland Omelet from the Omega Diner...
In other news, I ate New York pizza today and bought a wallet. I haven't had a wallet in years. Recently, I'd been using a makeup bag to hold my money and cards, and a Ziploc bag to hold my makeup. I'm a class act!
The wallet is from Shara Porter and I already think it's great!

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